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Phobos Sign
15 September 2009 @ 12:03 am
I have to say, I am fed up to here with all this pratting about how humans are the greatest things to ever walk the Earth. We build houses, bombs, capitalism, chemicals to treat our unnatural diseases, schools to trap our children in so we don't have to face the fact that we should have aborted (cotton. willow. bark.), etc. And yet... "But that's only the bad stuff! I mean, we wouldn't have any of the good stuff unless we had the bad stuff!"

... I think that I may have a slightly different view of what 'good' is. Because pepperoni pizza and iPods don't fit my definition.

Out here, in the middle of Colorado, you can see that we were never meant to be here, not even the overglorified Natives. It's too hot in the summer; because this place is plainsland verging into mountains, there is very little cover, and even then... there's very little to eat. There are few berries, fewer trees, and no trees or bushes that produce in a large enough and consistent enough amount to sustain us. The air is dry and there is very little water, which is why the common method of death by exposure is dehydration - a horrible way to die... and one we were never meant to die from. Dehydration destroys us. I'm not stupid enough to think that nature is malicious, nor stupid enough to think that DNA will waste us for the sake of its own propagation. Which is also malice, by the way; most people just don't realize that callous use is malicious because it is so common in capitalism, and so necessary.

The animals here were meant to live, barring the ones that come out during the noon periods; that's how you can tell the native creatures from the non-natives, here. In Washington State you can tell by what creatures huddle away just after a rainfall, and which ones burst out in every way they can. Rain is life there. Here, shade is life.

Rabbits are small and low to the ground... except for the grazing animals like bison, all of the animals are small and capable of hunching low to the ground. Coyotes, crows, mice, prairie dogs; they're all capable of creating their own shelter from the earth. Humans were never able to; we had to use the unnatural to survive where we are not natural, which makes sense. If we tried to live naturally here, as stupid and haughty as we are, nature would eat us. The bison moved out of the dry-plains areas as spring and the rainfalls left because they wouldn't be able to survive. The Pueblo people were the only ones who managed at all well to live with the scrub desert... and they, before they were exterminated, were quickly becoming a post-human race. We are not meant to live here. Your swollen head does not provide an excuse for taking what was never yours from someone else.

That said, humans are truly amazing. There is no other race in this world that can move into an area that is naturally inhospitable to them, use technology and artifice to change its surface, and... make it even more inhospitable. But to everyone, instead of just them.

Cities are wastelands. Concrete jungles where you cannot safely obtain either life or death, but are forcibly held in limbo. They poison and sap you.

Suburbs aren't wastelands. They are the literal embodiment of Hell.

No food, no water, no place to rest; it's all owned. No matter what good things humans might have done, there is nothing that can redeem this.

At this point, barring the sudden miracle of 11/12 the Earth's human population committing suicide, the best thing we can do is press the red button. It's the only thing that will allow anyone else to survive.

Humans aren't smart, they're just viciously inconsiderate.
Phobos Sign
14 September 2009 @ 07:14 am
I got laid.
Phobos Sign
14 September 2009 @ 07:12 am
I was tagged. Remember, phenioz20, I know where you sleep.


1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for eight days without fail.
3. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.

I'll do this. But who do I tag...

... do I even HAVE eight friends?
Phobos Sign
07 September 2009 @ 04:01 am
do not enlighten me,
your sick green plague
the bones of pigs crushed up and
steamrolled into thick pink streaks
dancing in the checkout line
a fiddler's tune compelling

get the fuck away!
my body is a humming chord, immune
to your inspiration,
washed-out lyrics,
stupid-spiritual coke-addicts and all.

never had any intention of being kind.
you shouldn't expect so little from me.

... blinking.
There's sunlight.
Who - ?
I don't know you.

my mouth is screaming
& I don't know why.
Phobos Sign
02 September 2009 @ 01:04 am
I have to wonder, sometimes, if maybe it's not just a really good idea to start some kind of quasi-Wiccan Doomsday cult and release into the wild to the general public. ... I can't say that at least some of the people who'd join wouldn't deserve it. It's a different kind of Koolaid. Details, details.

Congratulations, me! I finally finished the Slacktivist Left Behind Review that I'd started two years ago. I don't know. I feel kind of proud of myself. That's a lot of pages, man.

Can you tell I'm tired?

This has been a shallow post solely for the purpose of telling you I'm still here, suicide attempt or not.
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13 July 2009 @ 08:52 pm
Phobos Sign
Because it always seems as though people refuse to take one seriously when on states that one is childfree (ethics, environmentalism, self-awareness, stupidity - whatever), I've been coming up with an alternative proclamation, with which to arrange a more satisfactory outcome.


You: I can't have children... [pause]
Overzealous Childlover: Oh my! I'm so sorry! (Or something to the effect.)
You: ... My parole restrictions won't allow it. Little brats should've learned to shut up...

Voilá. Problem solved.
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18 December 2008 @ 03:56 pm
The oppressed speak because their voices do not come without cost. The privileged do not speak because silence is of no cost to them.
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Phobos Sign
18 December 2008 @ 11:32 am
I would like to state the following two facts.

First is that the phrase 'oppression Olympics' doesn't just apply to white people trying to co-opt other peoples' history, folks. Wanking about how the gay/bi rights movement has little to do with the civil/nonwhite rights movement means only one thing, and that is that you need to educate yourself on gay history. Just because 'gay culture' is horrendously, unforgivably assimilationist these days does not excuse you from assuming that the gay/bi rights movement was always this way. It wasn't, and there's more to it than just the Stonewall Riots, too; radical queers, S.T.A.R., Bashback! and similar anti-assimilationist groups are all exceptional examples of this.

But if you actually looked at the queer rights movement's actual history, then you'd (gasp) realize that both the queer/GLBTetc. rights and nonwhite rights movements have more in common than you can dismiss with a simple self-righteous statement of 'gay is not the new black!' (Note: it isn't. Just like black was not the new 'pagan'1 - who, if you really wanna go there, were objectively far more oppressed than black slaves in the Americas - how pagans were not the new women, how women were not the new animals, and it pretty much ends there so.)

You might actually find that, even more than the similarities, that there's something we can learn from one another without one group's oppression taking precedent over the others' because of any bullshit about one having more to share or whatever. You'd probably find a very, very useful thing indeed in the fact that both the queer rights and the nonwhite rights movements were co-opted by heteronormative/white people so as to amputate their teeth and claws, leading to a greater assimilationist/consumerist culture meant to distract from real issues.... but I'm getting into a completely different post there.

The second, and much more offhand note, is that I really need to stop reading various 'rights' blogs unless they're explicitly trans-issue. Otherwise I will end up getting blindly enraged to such a degree that I either burst with WTFery or make a semi-long, semi-rambling post on my livejournal.

But no, seriously. How do you not get that these things are connected? Why do people working for 'social justice' issues feel entitled to pick and choose the oppressions they oppose? It doesn't make sense, dammit! Women, nonwhites, queers, nhmn animals, fat people, it doesn't make sense to leave one out! Make sense, damn you!

1'Pagan' here meaning any flavor of religion that was out of vogue, really, even if it was just another ill-favored version of Christianity. Also, slaves, you want slaves? Muslims kept slaves - and the Arabic peoples were doing it for far longer than Christians. So you know. I could go on, because it appears that I actually have actual facts about history at my fingertips. (It's called Google, for the record.)
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08 December 2008 @ 02:17 pm
Why do I always get the crazy fuckers? I mean, I'm good at sorting some slightly delusional people out, but seriously now, I'm not a fuckin' miracle worker here! Dude, Cassidy, Allison, Rey and She Who Shall Not Be Named - come on, Jesus couldn't cure that kind of messed up! Don't expect me to and, for god's sake, don't get all pissed off at me about it when you out-and-out say that you're fucked up like X and Y and then I can see the same thing and say it back to you!

Maybe this would work better in letter format....

Yo Crazy Dudes,

Jesus could not cure your level of batshit. He would take one look at you and have to say, 'My child, I cannot cure you. You are afflicted with the Stupid, and it has begun to consume your soul.' Then He would call it a day and go out to drink His sorrows and knowledge of His own inadequacy away. And it'd be bad, because He never has a designated driver.

The only way you could be cured is if you traveled to the tundra and lived there in a yurt until the local wolves grew used to your presence and you learned to speak their tongue. You would have to gain their trust, feeding them and caring for their pups, until it came time for the alpha to test you to see if you were worthy. The two of you would battle, naked and without weaponry other than your bodies, and only if you forced the alpha to submit would you be allowed the knowledge of the whereabouts of the sacred plant. After obtaining this, you would have to travel to the farthest reaches of the jungles to pick but one of the sacred plant's blossoms during the peak of the solar eclipse, which you would dry underneath the moon until you were able to powder it. Afterwards you would need to travel into the heat of the desert, miles away from civilization, and fast for a fortnight, sustaining yourself only on water and the blood of whatever lizards you managed to catch. At the end of the fortnight, you would make a prayer to the sun and the moon and meditate until sundown, at which point you would dance the miraculous healing dance and sprinkle the powder of the sacred plant over your head and with your middle finger dab exactly one cubic centimeter of the powder upon your tongue. Then, with your right arm, you would draw circles into the sand, with which you would have to play Twister until you lost to yourself. After much trial, you would then resume your travels in the exact eastern direction until the next full moon, when you shoot yourself in the head, purifying yourself of the Stupid that had so plagued you and the world.

Or you could get a trained therapist.

On second thought, go with the former option. No, really. Appealing to the occult is the only way.

No Love,
Phobos Sign

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