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19 September 2009 @ 12:09 am
Problem Solving with Dr. Phobos Sign (F.UR Ph.D.)  
Typically, one cannot get away with being vegan without daily confrontations. Apparently, eating differently for ethical (as opposed to religious or health) reasons is equivalent in offensiveness to threatening to beat your tablemate's spouse to death. However, while vegan, although you will be harassed more than your average neo-nazi (and perhaps by neo-nazis, as I have had the mispleasure to experience via one stupid, sociopathic teenaged gamer boy), you have the opportunity for much better comebacks. Ones that don't involve Raging For The Machine.

Over dinner or another meal:

Person: What's that?
You: It's [vegan food].
Person: Cool. Did you use [animal product]?
You: No, I'm vegan. I used [sub/produce/nothing].
Person: (looking suddenly dismayed) Oh, I could never live without [ex.] steak!
You: (smiles calmly) Really? That's funny, I hear that neither can cows.
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